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When I launched Nineteen80 on January 16, 2020, I never expected a global pandemic to cause a shutdown of the economy, friends and colleagues being laid off, and a potential recession to happen. Could there be any worse time to take this plunge?

After diverting 100% of my weekly therapy sessions towards crisis management, I finally accepted what was happening and shifted my focus on the opportunity at hand. This global pandemic has led to a dramatic reduction of all the harmful effects of excess consumption. We’ve seen the skies clear up, polluted waterways become clear, and traffic on our roads virtually gone.

There is no reason why we want to go back to the way things where, the good old days.

This pandemic is creating opportunity. It’s a forcing function that didn’t exist before. Decades of digital transformation efforts finally happened, not because of consultants or leadership, but from an invisible virus. Work from home, virtual collaboration, and emerging technologies suddenly became embraced by those that rejected it.

Nineteen80 was formed to bridge the analog past with the digital future. As a Xennial, I was born in a world pre-smart phones, pre-Internet, and pre-Zoom. I also embraced technology in my formative years and know the power (and the dangers). Nineteen80 exists to empower all to participate in the global digital economy and bring a level playing field for all. We do so by focusing on human relationships from the time when we flipped through the whitepages to find a phone number and diving into the digital world where we constructed realities we never thought possible.

Let’s take this opportunity to shift our focus toward making the world more equitable, include everyone, and toward care and love for all.

Change Management, Storytelling, Strategy and Visioning

Do You Need Graphic Facilitation?

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Have you been in a meeting where a graphic artist is live sketching the discussion? This trend has been a popular way to add engagement to a critical meeting or workshop.

Watch the explainer video below to get a briefing on what this is all about and why it matters?

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get this done, we’ll be happy to refer you to some of our partners. If you engage with us, you’ll work with a graphic facilitator who leans more on the business consultant and strategist side with special talents in visualizing your discussion. Why does this matter? Because we can synthesize complex discussions fast without truly understand all of the subject matter.

Alternatively, we love training. We truly believe this is a practice that can be developed within your organization and become the core of who you are. We like working with small cohorts of high potential people with varying business experience. No prior art experience needed, anyone can do this.


Introducing Nineteen80

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A very good colleague and friend of mine taught me the power of launch as a point in time moment to catch attention. Today, I’m proud to announce that Nineteen80 is open for business. It’s been a long time dream to own and operate my own business and life has offered a brief window in time for me to do so.

Nineteen80 Logo

Nineteen80 (1980) is the generation between Generation X and Millennials, also known as Xennials. They are described as having an analog childhood and a digital adulthood. The other day, I was in a meeting and I had both a yellow notepad and an iPad with the pencil.

We don’t fit in the molds of either generation but rather share the characteristics of both. We remember a world where coffee shops were for talking to people and a world with slow dial up modems, no social media, and more information was available in a library than the non-existent Internet (we called it the Information Super Highway).

As someone that spans between two generations, I’m excited to offer consulting products and services that brings the best of both worlds. When you work with me, you might actually get a phone call, but you’ll also work on the latest digital platforms.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll hear the detailed origin story and a clearer vision for where Nineteen80 is heading. Until then, let’s get on the phone, or lets grab coffee (or tea).

Daniel Hoang, Founder


Putting diversity at the center of who we are

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When we were designing Nineteen80, we wanted diversity to be the common fabric woven in all we do. We wanted partners, suppliers, and vendors to be aligned with our values, even if it costs more or is less convenient.

We’re proud to announce that TaxUSign, a minority & women-owned virtual tax firm will be our accounting and tax advisor. We sourced this firm from The Riveter’s Fellowship Program. These women entrepreneurs receive a monthly stipend with no strings attached and are supported as they build their businesses.

Nineteen80 is proud to be a customer of TaxUSign and to support a fellow minority owned company along the way. We also get a great accountant to help us get our books in order.

Diversity is important not because it’s the trending political dialog but because it truly makes businesses better. Get a room of people that all look and think alike together and you’ll get the same results every time. Bring someone in the room that thinks differently and you’ll get different outcomes.

Although Nineteen80 is a small business, we aim to partner with other firms that compliment our expertise.


Building a modern company

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As I’m building out Nineteen80, I’m exploring a handful of platforms and services from the thousands that are out there. There is no one magic solution that solves everything but instead it’s a patch work of niche solutions tied together with integrations.

The primary objective is to scale and automate this company so that I can produce the output 10X. That can only be achieved by using tools that allow you to create, make, and distribute faster than ever.

No Code Build

This site is build on WordPress with minimal coding and all the graphics and images are ran through a standard set of filters. I’m using Fiverr, Creative Market, and designers from around the world to create original content. On top of this site is the Intercom platform, that’s the chatbot that follows you around and allows visitors to interact with me, schedule meetings, and ask questions.

Nimble Operations

A traditional company would hire a marketing person, a social media person, a designer, a sales team, an IT team, and so on. That’s a lot of weight to carry. Instead, Nineteen80 is built to produce and deliver 10X its weight. You won’t find a lot of bespoke work for our operations, we save that for our clients.

Work Transparent

I like to test in production. It’s a fun phrase I like to say that scares IT people. What it really means is I like to ship faster than anyone else, get it out to the market for validation. You can spend an eternity refining things but none of it matters until it’s in the hands of your users. They make the final call, not you, not your steering committee or sponsors.

The only way this works for me is to be so nimble, agile, and fast that I’m able to make micro pivots along the way.

Personalization at Scale

I’m crediting this to a very smart friend of mine. The holy grail is to create a personalized experience to the individual. Marketers and comms people love to segment audiences. We’re about segmenting down to the individual. That’s a technological feat that realistically only Amazon is going to accomplish in the near future.

In the interim, Nineteen80 is going to be nimble and fast to spin up about a hundred sites to get market feedback. We can edit our main site, or spin up a landing page and ship it out for validation.

Everything is a Commodity

As a services firm, this is the hardest concept to swallow. Traditionally, consulting firms horde their expertise because that’s what makes them special. In this global and technology driven world, everything is a commodity. For example, as I’m creating designs for this site, I found hundreds of much better designers out there and their rates are rapidly driven to zero. There’s always someone else willing to do it better, faster, and cheaper.

Nineteen80 knows that and we know that at the end of the day, it comes down to execution. Can we deliver better than the next person?


What’s the No-Code Movement?

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Chances are, you haven’t heard of the No-Code movement. It’s a community of people that use tools that don’t require computer coding. What was once exclusive to technical developers is now democratized in the hands of makes, creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

No-code means you can build without relying on a team of developers. You spend less time planning and gathering requirements and more time gathering feedback from customers.

For the business analyst, project manager, or non-technical practitioner, you can build clickable prototypes with relatively little training. You may have moved pixels around in PowerPoint, or white boarded ideas and snapped a picture. Now, you can move boxes around in these tools, create actions, and access data.

Why should you care?

If you’re concepting ideas today in PowerPoint, or whiteboarding, consider learning a few no-code tools that will take your skills to the next level. Rather than force your audience to imagine what could be, show them what could be.


Welcome to Nineteen80

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The year is 1980 and we’re going to bridge the past with the future. This is Nineteen80.

We were born in 1980 when Mt St Helen’s erupted. The internet as we know it didn’t exist and computers like the Commodore 64 and Apple II were relegated to a small group.

We grew up in an analog world just as rotary phones were phasing out and phone books were still used. We researched by reading books and looking topics up in physical encyclopedias.

As we reached our prime influential years, the Internet came to be and smart phones were being introduced.

We remember a world where coffee shops were for coffee and conversations. We remember a world where people looked at each other in bus rides. We remember a world where likes, emojis, and 140 characters didn’t exist.

We embraced technology as we grew up but we also know of a better world, one where we embraced relationships and built trust.

We don’t want to go back in time, we want to move forward but with a respect for technology (and it’s dangers) and relearn to have human relationships.