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When I launched Nineteen80 on January 16, 2020, I never expected a global pandemic to cause a shutdown of the economy, friends and colleagues being laid off, and a potential recession to happen. Could there be any worse time to take this plunge?

After diverting 100% of my weekly therapy sessions towards crisis management, I finally accepted what was happening and shifted my focus on the opportunity at hand. This global pandemic has led to a dramatic reduction of all the harmful effects of excess consumption. We’ve seen the skies clear up, polluted waterways become clear, and traffic on our roads virtually gone.

There is no reason why we want to go back to the way things where, the good old days.

This pandemic is creating opportunity. It’s a forcing function that didn’t exist before. Decades of digital transformation efforts finally happened, not because of consultants or leadership, but from an invisible virus. Work from home, virtual collaboration, and emerging technologies suddenly became embraced by those that rejected it.

Nineteen80 was formed to bridge the analog past with the digital future. As a Xennial, I was born in a world pre-smart phones, pre-Internet, and pre-Zoom. I also embraced technology in my formative years and know the power (and the dangers). Nineteen80 exists to empower all to participate in the global digital economy and bring a level playing field for all. We do so by focusing on human relationships from the time when we flipped through the whitepages to find a phone number and diving into the digital world where we constructed realities we never thought possible.

Let’s take this opportunity to shift our focus toward making the world more equitable, include everyone, and toward care and love for all.

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