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Nineteen80 is the year and generation between Gen X and Millennials. We remember a world before the Internet, and grew up the sound of dial up modems, and came of age as the world became 100% digital. We lived in a world where human relationships mattered but also saw the power of technology in scaling our reach. We are the bridge between the past and the future. We are Nineteen80.

What We Do

We empower everyone to thrive and succeed in this new digital world by working to create systems that democratize knowledge, management, and production. Through our consultancy & agency, we train and transfer knowledge to your people so that they can be self reliant. We believe that the wisdom of the crowd is always better than the expertise of the one.

Make you better

Change makers and storytellers

Who We Are

We go against the grain and we think differently. We view the world through the lens of diversity and inclusion. The views of the many is more powerful than the views of the few. We aspire to leave the world in a better place while we’re here.

Our Expertise

Vision & Strategy Design and Articulation

Change Management & Communications

Media & Technology Production

Our People

Daniel Hoang is an experience and multi-disciplinary management consultant. His experience range from business skills like change management and project management to creative skills like graphic recording, media production and storytelling. He believes a wide range of skillsets are needed to bring together the complexities of the world and make sense of things.

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