Content production as a strategic advantage

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Content production is my strategic advantage.

While most people are focused on moving up the strategic ladder, I'm here pumping out content. Strategy and ideas only get you so far. At the end of the day, you have to ship and ship fast so you can get feedback.

In 2016, I started down the journey of photography and eventually videography. My photos were bad and my videos were amateurish. Each time I produced another video, I learned something and added that to my workflow. I made mistakes, really big ones.

  • Forgetting to hit record and making my subject redo his speech
  • Not setting levels on my audio and having to salvage clipping audio
  • Forgetting to reset shutter speed and having a grainy image
  • Not having the right equipment to deal with environmental sounds like HVAC
  • Not enough lighting

The list goes on. There's one thing I never forget to do now: hit the record button and confirm we're rolling.

The strategic advantage is nothing special. It's the willingness to fail and fail often to get the skills to create and create fast.

I don't limit myself to one medium. I have experience in photography (I shot a wedding), videography (I've made 30+ corporate videos), podcasting, graphic design, illustrations, animated videos, and written form.

Yes, I can always to go a specialized shop to get production, but then I have to deal with the creative process. Like Apple, I own the entire value stream and can deliver a product better than a complex chain of partners.

Have a project in mind?

I'm always open to collaborating, so don't hesitate to send me your project details. Let's create something great together!