Do you need graphic facilitation?

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Have you been in a meeting where a graphic artist is live sketching the discussion? This trend has been a popular way to add engagement to a critical meeting or workshop.

Watch the explainer video below to get a briefing on what this is all about and why it matters?

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get this done, we’ll be happy to refer you to some of our partners. If you engage with us, you’ll work with a graphic facilitator who leans more on the business consultant and strategist side with special talents in visualizing your discussion. Why does this matter? Because we can synthesize complex discussions fast without truly understand all of the subject matter.

Alternatively, we love training. We truly believe this is a practice that can be developed within your organization and become the core of who you are. We like working with small cohorts of high potential people with varying business experience. No prior art experience needed, anyone can do this.

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