I'm a polymath. That's a person with a wide range of knowledge and learning. I'm also a Xennial, someone born between generations, Gen X and Gen Y, or Millenials. I grew up an in analog world, but came of age in a digital world. I straddle between these two worlds, and they make up my identity.

This illustration shows the various skillsets I've accumulated over my career. These are skills where I feel confident claiming I have at least 5,000 hours put in. While they're all different, they all combine together to form my unique value proposition. In any one area, I'm about average, but at the intersection of two, I can compete.

I'm a builder

At a very young age, I watched This Old House and New Yankee Workshop. As I grew older, I became obsessed with buying high-end carpentry tools, and learning from the masters on YouTube. The best builders are ones that know how to build physical things, and also digital things. I have traditional hand tools like a block plane, but also use an electric plane for shaving down wood.

I'm a filmmaker

I got into photography as an entry point, but along the way, I learned and appreciated making videos. Photography is an interest, I even shot a wedding. For me, filmmaking is a form of storytelling. You use camera angles, focal lengths, depth of field, lighting, and frame rates to portray the emotions of the story. During the edit, you take raw materials and make it into something people want to watch and enjoy.

I'm a podcaster

This one is one of my most recent endeavors. While I was learning how to make videos, audio was usually a component, but often secondary. When I tried my hands at podcasting, it was a whole new world for me. The gear was different, the edit process was different, and the elements were different. With podcasting, you have spoken voice, music, sound effects, and adjustments to the audio tone. That combination allows you to tweak and change the story.

I'm a graphic facilitator

I started this journey the longest. Early in my career, I learned that I needed to sketch my ideas on paper before making them digital. Maybe it was growing up in a world where digital was limited and therefore I had to formulate my ideas before making them live in the digital world. I studied from amazing people like Sunni Brown, Mike Rohde, and The Grove in graphic facilitation.

I'm a technologist

I love computers. When I was a young kid, we tinkered with our 386 computer with 128mb of disk space, 5.25" floppy disc, and 8mb of ram. This power house computer started my journey into coding in HTML, and learning new applications (before it was call apps). Computers also didn't work. It wasn't optimized for User Experience, and the User Interface was an afterthought.

What now?

Learning is one of my top five strengths. I'm often worried about being too scattered and learning for the sake of learning. Instead, I am confident that I am an applied person. I learn something to apply it. With carpentry, I'm doing home builds that's adding value to my home. If I'm on a video shoot, I know I can rig up things on the fly and work with the materials at hand. If I'm doing something digital, I know I'll be focused in how it's used in the physical world.

Have a project in mind?

I'm always open to collaborating, so don't hesitate to send me your project details. Let's create something great together!