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A very good colleague and friend of mine taught me the power of launch as a point in time moment to catch attention. Today, I’m proud to announce that Nineteen80 is open for business. It’s been a long time dream to own and operate my own business and life has offered a brief window in time for me to do so.

Nineteen80 (1980) is the generation between Generation X and Millennials, also known as Xennials. They are described as having an analog childhood and a digital adulthood. The other day, I was in a meeting and I had both a yellow notepad and an iPad with the pencil.

We don’t fit in the molds of either generation but rather share the characteristics of both. We remember a world where coffee shops were for talking to people and a world with slow dial up modems, no social media, and more information was available in a library than the non-existent Internet (we called it the Information Super Highway).

As someone that spans between two generations, I’m excited to offer consulting products and services that brings the best of both worlds. When you work with me, you might actually get a phone call, but you’ll also work on the latest digital platforms.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll hear the detailed origin story and a clearer vision for where Nineteen80 is heading. Until then, let’s get on the phone, or lets grab coffee (or tea).

Daniel Hoang, Founder

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