Nineteen80 stands for Inclusion

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When I founded Nineteen80, I did not have a specific vision or plan on what this company will stand for. Nineteen80 is about transitions, bridging two worlds together toward a better future.

Then the pandemic happened.

Then George Floyd was murdered.

Then half the country voted for a President that stood for racism, divisive strategies, hateful discrimination, and white supremacy.

Then the Capitol was breached by domestic terrorists aimed at undermining the system for a narcissistic person.

Don't be political, stay objective and neutral

That has always been my status quo. I started my career in audit, where we were required to be independent and objective. Most of my career has been centered around management consulting, helping companies' management layer improve their operations. That ends with Nineteen80. As the sole owner and operator, I get to choose where Nineteen80 stands.

Nineteen80 believes that Black Lives Matter, that all lives won't matter until we stop killing Black people for existing. We can't thrive until we stop the systemic racism that oppresses a single group. Dismantling our racist system benefits is all, and does not take away from anyone. When the playing field is level, we all can have an equal opportunity for prosperity and happiness.

Nineteen80 condones violence and extremist acts. Any extreme actions harmful to society, whether it be the liberal extreme or the conservative extreme. We are all one.

Nineteen80 believes in inclusion, across all dimensions. When all voices are included, we are stronger and better. When we systemically disregard entire groups, we lose the ability to innovate and grow. Some examples of this includes the working mothers, BIPOC, LGBTQ, and any group that has historically been discriminated against, harmed, or oppressed.

If you're not first, you're the loser

This mentality has been with me at an early age. I grew up in a white culture that promoted competitiveness. If you get anything, then I lose. It's either/or. Win or lose.

Nineteen80 believes that all boats rise together.

Nineteen80 believes that entire groups have been systemically oppressed and that to level the playing field, the rules have to be rewritten.

Nineteen80 believes that when more are included isn't the game, we all win.

It has to be perfect

White supremacist culture puts the written word on a pedestal, and everything has to be perfect. There's only one right way to do it.

As a management consultant, spelling and grammar was held at the top of the measure of success. Words were used as a weapon to oppress those who were less educated or privileged.

Nineteen80 believes that there is more than one way to communicate and manage. We are a visual-first company.

Nineteen80 believes that when we use language, tools, and processes that are inclusive, we must let go of our precious ways and be open to other ways of being and doing.

Open your eyes, open your ears, and open your heart

I'm basing most of the above on the works of Tema Okun. It's not the be all end all, but it's a start toward healing and finding peace for all.

If I had to choose one thing that Nineteen80 stands for, it is Inclusion.

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