Putting diversity at the center of who we are

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When we were designing Nineteen80, we wanted diversity to be the common fabric woven in all we do. We wanted partners, suppliers, and vendors to be aligned with our values, even if it costs more or is less convenient.

We’re proud to announce that TaxUSign, a minority & women-owned virtual tax firm will be our accounting and tax advisor. We sourced this firm from The Riveter’s Fellowship Program. These women entrepreneurs receive a monthly stipend with no strings attached and are supported as they build their businesses.

Nineteen80 is proud to be a customer of TaxUSign and to support a fellow minority owned company along the way. We also get a great accountant to help us get our books in order.

Diversity is important not because it’s the trending political dialog but because it truly makes businesses better. Get a room of people that all look and think alike together and you’ll get the same results every time. Bring someone in the room that thinks differently and you’ll get different outcomes.

Although Nineteen80 is a small business, we aim to partner with other firms that compliment our expertise.

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