Was investing in a home studio worth it?

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I started building out my home studio back in October of 2019. It started with my interest in filmmaking, shooting video on a Fuji X-T2, and committing to building out a home YouTube space. This room is in my attic, just before entering the bedroom. It's small, about 8 ft by 10 ft. Take a quick watch in the video below and notice how the audio quality was subpar with the echo in the room and the lower end equipment used.

Nearly 9 months later, my home studio is rivaling a full recording studio. Maybe not that much but close. In this video below, I recorded a livestream to YouTube using my full gear.

  • Rodecaster Pro mixer/recorder with the Electrovoice RE-20 dynamic mic
  • Audio is sent to to the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro video switcher and capture device with the livestream signal sent to YouTube via ethernet
  • Video is coming from my Fuji X-T2 with 16-55mm 2.8 lens and my Fuji X-T3 with 16mm f1.4 and a GoPro
  • Lighting is done with Phillips Hue
  • The room is treated with foam, and sound tiles

When costing out what your setup will be, tack on 20% or more for cables, dongles, and mounting parts. It adds up fast.

Back to my headline question. Was it worth it? Yes for the higher production value and standing out in a crowded field. 100% yes in a pandemic that requires you to stay home and not be out. I got a 6 month lead of more people that are just now buying a webcam. That's my competitive advantage.

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