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The year is 1980 and we’re going to bridge the past with the future. This is Nineteen80.

We were born in 1980 when Mt St Helen’s erupted. The internet as we know it didn’t exist and computers like the Commodore 64 and Apple II were relegated to a small group.

We grew up in an analog world just as rotary phones were phasing out and phone books were still used. We researched by reading books and looking topics up in physical encyclopedias.

As we reached our prime influential years, the Internet came to be and smart phones were being introduced.

We remember a world where coffee shops were for coffee and conversations. We remember a world where people looked at each other in bus rides. We remember a world where likes, emojis, and 140 characters didn’t exist.

We embraced technology as we grew up but we also know of a better world, one where we embraced relationships and built trust.

We don’t want to go back in time, we want to move forward but with a respect for technology (and it’s dangers) and relearn to have human relationships.

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