Working in an AI assisted world

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The volume of information is increasing exponentially. It feels like we're switching between a large number of apps, sites, tools, etc. While this can feel overwhelming and the natural reaction is to push back and revert to our old ways.

We should embrace the power of technology and what it can do to improve our lives. Some of it requires set up on our part, but most of it will come seamlessly without our awareness. Let's take that last statement one piece at a time.

Things that require setup

I use Calendly (and there are other platforms as well) to create calendar sign up pages for my clients. This removes the back and forth involved with finding time on calendars. However, it's still a one-way interaction between my system and my contact. After the meeting is over, I have an automated message that goes to my meeting attendee with additional resources like my mailing list, how to engage with me, and other useful resources.

Things that are just seamless

Our smartphones are constantly evolving. Both Google and Apple have built-in assistants that scan our activity and data and make recommendations. It is evolving rapidly and sometimes scary when my phone tells me I should do something before I know I should do something.

All major productivity platforms like Microsoft Office have built-in intelligence. It scans your emails, documents, and activities, and sends you a reminder to follow up on your actions, or look at a document.

In PowerPoint, the new designer feature does the work of a traditional designer with a click. Just put some text in, and Designer recommends layouts, images, and icons.

It's about your mindset

We're not quite to full automation yet, think Iron Man Jarvis. As we move toward that world, keep an open mindset. As you solve your own personal challenges, the solution isn't always more people. Most problems you have can be solved with a data platform, some type of automation, and AI embedded in that technology.

Have a project in mind?

I'm always open to collaborating, so don't hesitate to send me your project details. Let's create something great together!