Storytelling in Nature with Forage and Farm

When Forage and Farm, a forager and wild foods educator, reached out and asked if we would help take pictures of their product in a nature environment, we jumped at the chance. First off, it was a great collaboration to build out our book of work but also a chance to learn more about the craft of foraging. For me, I’m afraid to eat anything that doesn’t come from the grocery store or at a restaurant.

In full disclosure, the mushrooms were previously harvested and then we brought them to a more convenient location for the photoshoot. A short hike into the trail we found a great spot with nice mossy trees and a natural landscape.

Because we had to carry in gear into the trails, we packed a simple two lens camera with a 16mm 1.4 wide angle lens and a 80mm macro lens for the close up shots of the mushrooms.

When we got home, a quick run through Lightroom auto correction (Adobe’s AI editing is incredible) with some manual tweaks and applying a LUT (Look Up Table, think Instagram filters) before shipping out the images. Total editing time was about 45 minutes.

In the vain of good enough is good enough, we believe in using tools and even “cheats” to make things go fast. Matt was able to get photos to use immediately without waiting days or weeks for editing. Again, the intent is for storytelling, not to frame artistic photos in a gallery.