Team Visioning with Graphic Facilitation


Earlier this year, I had a chance to work with a great team that was coming together to reset their vision after a tough year. I worked with the project sponsor to capture the metaphor (crossing a bridge) we used to put together the vision.

In this format, it gave the team an opportunity to touch on each parts equally, including some of the challenges they faced in the prior year and obstacles they see getting to their vision. When you balance between positives and negatives, you don’t end at one of the polarities. Always find the balance.

At Nineteen80, Graphic Facilitation is a tool in our tool belt. We believe that Graphic Facilitation has a purpose but also a limitation. As a single event capture, it is impressive looking and has value to those that participated in the session. However, we believe Graphic Facilitation is either a capability embedded in your teams, or a tool to capture information and eventually

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