Visual Storytelling at Annual Summit

For two years, Daniel Hoang has been the primary photographer for the Access to Justice Conference. Photography is often thought of as an events function but it’s often a key part of an organizations storytelling strategy. Capturing natural images builds a portfolio of visuals that can be used in the year in various forms of communications in lieu of generic stock photography.

In the latest conference in Yakima, Daniel captured the dynamic working sessions and presentations along with prominent key leaders in this space.

2019 Access to Justice Conference

Check out the full photo album on the Access to Justice Facebook page.

In the first year, Daniel met many great leaders in the legal profession that was helping increase access to justice to underserved groups. In addition to capturing headshots of award winners, this was an opportunity to capture participants in action.

2017 Access to Justice Conference

Check out the full album on the Access to Justice Facebook page.

How is Nineteen80 different than a true professional photographer? When you engage with us, you won’t get a professional professional. Instead, you’ll get a good enough photographer with an eye towards helping you tell stories better in the future, and not just for a one time event. If you’re interested in the latter, we’d recommend you shop around in the commoditized photography marketplace. If you truly want to tell your story better, lets talk about how we can begin with the end in mind, and also capture images in your events.