Visual Storytelling Training at the City of Bellevue

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One of my favorite things to do is to teach visual storytelling because at Nineteen80, we believe that empowering people is more effective than doing it for them. Sure, I do graphic recording, facilitation, and sketchnoting, but nothing is better than watching people pick up a pen and sketch out their ideas.

Over the past decade, I’ve taught more than 20 workshops on the basic topic of visual communications. How do you tell better stories, inspire more people, and affect positive change? You do so by making sense of all the information floating around and making it stick with a large group of people.

At Nineteen80, we’re happy to join you for a workshop with your team, ranging from a handful of people to a ballroom presentation. Our process includes spending some pre-work time with you to determine your expectations, understand attendees skillsets, and set an agenda for the session.