We’re redefining the meaning of Team. In this Gig economy and tech-driven world, work isn’t done by headcount or by the hour. It’s done with platforms, network, and services. When possible, we tap services that are AI driven for the mundane and high volume production. For the bespoke work, we like to partner with or contract with minority and/or women-owned small businesses.

Daniel Hoang

For most his career, Daniel is known for his creative and innovative methods ranging from visual communications to multi-media storytelling. He’s always challenging the status quo and is a jack-of-all trades.

He’s got a handful of children to parent and spends his free time building home projects, filming the world, and learning new trades.

The traditional measures of a firm based on headcount is obsolete. In this new gig economy, Nineteen80 is forming partnerships and advisors to provide the expertise you need and leveraging platforms and services to scale infinitely. Our team is made up of owners, subcontractors, and global talent from platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.


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