Tech Stack

Why is Nineteen80 exposing its tech stack? We’re out to create a firm with a modern tech stack with on demand overhead. Why should you care? You’re not paying for another firm’s capital costs. We rent our tech on demand as we need it and we shut it off when we don’t.

What we’re currently using

We keep a number of platforms up and running for our core business. Links below are referral links (marked with *). You’ll get some credits and I’ll share in some credits.

Airtable* | This is our data backend (and front end) for prototyping.

WordPress with Jetpack | Our core website runs on WordPress and requires virtually no dev resources to maintain.

Carrd | We use Carrd to spin up a fast landing page to test MVP.

Notion* | We use this as our core documentation system and use the ability to quickly spin up new business functionality in a lite way like for CRM.

Office365 | Most of our clients are on the Microsoft stack and we are too.

Adobe Creative Cloud | We got a deal and use this for the occasion when we need to manipulate design assets.

Quickbooks | Gotta do accounting and keep the books straight.

Vyond | We signed up for a deal with Vyond to build quick animated explainer videos.

Earthclass Mail | For paper-based business, we keep a virtual mailbox available mostly for governmental correspondence.

Platforms we can spin up and have experience in

We don’t keep a running instance of these platforms but have ongoing exposure and experience in them.

Mural, Miro


Tap into the global marketplace. Why create anything from scratch when there’s someone out there that can do it better, faster, and cheaper.

Creative Market* | This is my go-to resource for buying graphics, templates, etc.