We’re scrappy and fast and get it done for you. We live in the intersection of tech and design.

We’re generalists with experience across functions, disciplines, and technologies. We’re pragmatic and have a strong bias toward action. For us, it’s better to go fast and get feedback than spend excessive time looking inward.

Strategic Planning & Visioning

Graphic Facilitation

Change Management

Project Management

Visual Communications

Media Production

Work with Daniel Hoang

For more than 15 years, I’ve pushed the boundaries in change management and visual communications, storytelling, and challenging the status quo. I believe in doing things fast and good enough to make it economically sustainable. I’m a futurist, technologist, and a pure jack-of-all-trades. Most of my projects don’t require a circular saw, but I’m always ready to do so when the need arises.

About Nineteen80

Nineteen80 is a multi-disciplinary consultancy and creative agency that affects positive change.


113 Cherry St #97010
Seattle, WA 98104


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